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The update is here!!

Posted on 03.17.2017 • 0 starlike figures
Hi there fellas, sorry for being away for a while. ^^;;
It took me a bit longer than I thought to finish and complete the update, but it's finally here; anyway, let's start with the site-related news.

First the new look, born out of a long session of Bagginshield fan fictions - I hadn't been reading about that pairing for a long time, so when I did the fics inspired new graphics as usual; the layout is an advanced div design (based on a premade stylesheet) called Just your heart, featuring an earth-colored palette and a blend of the couple made by me. It took me ages to find the right colors - they kept looking either too red or too dull - but I'm proud of the final resulting scheme; imo it suits Thorin and Bilbo quite well. n.n

Ast3rism sadly lost an affie - as Shinkara from Kissed by Fire left the graphic community - but we also gained a brand new one, the amazing Ilma from HelloLittleRed; go check her site because she's so awe-inspiring...I was speechless and breathless the first time I saw her site. ♥♥

Now, finally, it's time to talk about additions: this is one of if not the biggest batches I've ever made for Ast3rism; I don't remember having ever counted so many headers and premades in the same update....but let's list them properly.
  • 6 new div designs, most featuring the Fantastic Beasts movie.
  • 10 new headers featuring stock, movies, k-pop and more.
  • 6 new icons matching the Fantastic Beasts designs.
You read it right, I wrote K-pop: I recently stumbled on this tutorial and, since it looked cool af, I gave it a try....and fell in love with it so I applied it to a few K-Pop and J-Pop fansite headers; it's a very easy tutorial suited for beginners too, definitely worth checking out. =)

Gotta go now, as I wanna watch Antoine Fuqua's The Magnificent 7 movie in DVD; see you all on next entry.
Everybody take care and have a very wonderful week-end. ♥

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