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Reopen and host troubles

Posted on 11.29.2016 • 3 starlike figures
[EDITED ON 12.22] Just a quick edit to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and an equally Happy New Year. Happy holidays; take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

[EDITED ON 12.05] Just wanted to let you know that I finally opened my yaoi graphics site, so go check it out please. ♥ [EDITED]

Hi there, sorry for these weeks' mess ^^;;;
For those who didn't notice, Ast3rism went through a bit of high tide: around the start of November I decided to move to a new host because the hosting package was way too expensive....and that's where problems started.

I first moved to I♥Boys' host (which later I fully abandoned, moving I♥B as well), but it didn't go so well: I had issues installing and using both FusionNews and Cutenews; the host tried to help - when they hadn't to, so kudos to them - but they also said the problem wasn't their server....when said server thought Cutenews folder was infected by a virus and wouldn't let me install it. o.o
Luckily, I was able to get one of Namecheap's Black Friday deals on hosting and moved everything on here....I usually prefer not to keep domain and hosting with the same provider, but I know Namecheap and it's the only one I make an exception for - and you can do it too, they are that good. ♥

Before the move I had updated so, for those who missed it, here's the summary of the update.
  • 4 new div designs - with some removed previously.
  • 4 new headers - brand new category.
  • new look (vs.8.0), featuring Norman Reedus.
A new look isn't exactly an addition, but I decided to add it anyway. :p

Have to go now, because I have an headache starting...most likely because my period started. v_v
See you on next entry, guys; take care and have a wonderful week. ♥

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