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Divs, divs, divs!!!

Posted on 06.05.2017 • 0 starlike figures
[EDITED ON 07.25] A quick edit to let you know an update is coming within this week....bringing something gorgeous along; stay tuned. See ya. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hi there guys, sorry for the long absence. ^^;;;
I've been extremely busy updating my sites, working on minor projects or elaborating new ones; all that, combined with a very hectic RL, led to Ast3rism being frozen for a while. But now I'm back with a new look and a handful of additions, so let's start.

Ast3rism's version 11.0 is a brown and cream-colored divs layout called Heartbreaker, and featuring an actor who has reached (together with Dylan O'Brien) the top 3 of my favorite actors of all time: Chris Hemsworth; the Thor movies have become my favorites in the MCU, on par with The Avengers, and I can't wait for November when Thor: Ragnarok comes out. ♥♥
The layout image has been recycled, the original is a collage header that belonged to a premade I made for a now-closed side project - but I still have the image - and I decided to re-use it after tweaking it a bit (cutting some parts, resizing it, getting read of the transparent background, etc.); I hope you'll like it. n.n

Now for the additions....I think the post's title gives a fairly clear idea of what's in this update, but let's say it plainly: I added 4 new div-layers designs (together with the site look - also a div - they get the entry's stitle to make sense); they're all premades that have been used - or made to be used - on my other site projects, from Ast3rism to Neon Sky; it's quite a tiny update, but my schedule is so crazy I decided to update otherwise I risked to do it when summer's over. xD

Have to go now, as I wanna watch the last Jason Bourne with Matt Damon - I liked it a lot in cinema; see you next time.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful week. ♥

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