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Updating...yayy!!! posted by Lucien on 03.24.2018
Walls - Page 03 posted by Lucien on 03.23.2018
Div designs - Page 07 posted by Lucien on 01.25.2018
New year, look & things!! posted by Lucien on 01.25.2018
Preppyness!! posted by Lucien on 11.06.2017

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Hi there everybody, whassup? ^.^
I'm thinking of using date as title, as it's sooo hard to come down with a cool or at least decent post title. xD Anway; here are with new things, but let's start from the beginning.

First the new look: version 15.0 is an advanced divs layout called Dream of good times who features a spiffy Andrew Garfield blend header made by yours truly; I love the images, that photoshoot has to be one of Andrew's best...and one of my favorites as well. I hope you like the design, but either way let me know - feedback is nourishment. n.n

Then comes a pretty big announcement: since the renders had reached quite a big amount, I decided to dedicate them their own separate mini-archive; the site is called Stellavagant, and it's already up and running with 12 never-seen-before head over there and check it out. ^^

Now comes the juiciest part, the additions; I got on a wallpaper roll and made a lot...but it's not just them, so here's the full list of what has been added.
  • 2 new div designs, both featuring Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.
  • 2 new premad headers, both featuring promo images of Justice League movie.
  • 10 new wallpapers, all of them with a minimalistic and tech theme.
You read that right, it's 10 walls; I found a site with a lots of awesome technology-related images which inspired me like crazy and this is the result. Let me know which is your favorite in this batch - mines are walls #22 and #25, because they represent some aspects of me. =)

Gotta go now, for I have to watch Christopher Nolan's Inception with Leo DiCaprio; see you all next time.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

Posted on 03.24.2018 • 0 starlike figures

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