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Working on wallpapers

Hi there guys, hope everything is going well. ^.^
It's almost confirmed: I'm finally back to pre-pandemic updates schedule. *cheers* It took a while, but I'm at last gliding on the right flow and that (hopefully) doesn't seem destined to change any time soon. But without further ado, let's start with the real update.

First thing is obviously the new look: version 18 is called American Assassin and features a gorgeous artwork of the titular movie with Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton; I've had this image stored on my SSD for so long I don't remember the site where I got it from (I'm pretty sure it's closed, though), if anyone does recognize or remember please tell me and I'll adjust the credits.

Now onto the additions: I don't have a lot, just a handful, because I was busy doing a small revamp of the wallpapers -- I made new larger ones (they fit some of the new MacBook screens now), deleted some of the old smaller ones and moved the rest to a separate page; anyway, here's the full list of what has been added.
  • 4 new div designs;
  • 6 new premade headers;
  • 8 new wallpapers, all stock.
  • on Stellavagant;
As I said, it's a pretty small batch but hopefully you'll still like it -- and remember, constructive feedback is life. n_n

Gotta go now, as I have to go watch a volleyball match of my city's team (who plays in the major league of our championship); see you all on next entry.
Everybody take care and have a wonderful week-end. ♥

Posted on 02.16.2024 • 0 starlike figures

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