The stars faded, let's meet where roses fall

Hi, Lucien here. :) If you visit my sites, you know I like to switch their names and domains often....and today is Ast3rism's turn. I opened this site back in 2014, so it's more than due time for a fresh start. So let's all salute Ast3rism and hail the Falling Rose Graphics, or The site is almost ready and will open its doors on May 1st.
The star won't fade completely, though; I plan to keep Ast3rism's domain name (in case I regret changing sites and want to switch back to it) and the site will remain open for anyone who still wants to simply won't be updated anymore. Thank you to anyone who visited and commented and to all my affiliates. See you on Rosefall.
Anyone who wants to visit Ast3rism can do so from here. Thank you again to everyone.