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New year, look & things!!

Hi there everyone, how's going? ^.^
After months of absence, I'm finally back with an update....and since it's (for once) a rather big one, without further ado let's start immediately.

First the new look: it's a yellow and purple divs layout called simply AHHHH, featuring my very latest actor obsession Ezra Miller and using a header ordered and bought - together with the preppy one from the site's previous version - on Seawolf's webstore; I love the colors and the images used, so I'm quite excited about using it. ♥♥

Now onto the additions: I only updated two categories, but the amount of new item in one makes it huge; short story, I added 4 new div designs - half featuring Supernatural and half with Dylan O'Brien - and 16 new transparent PNGs (you read that right n.n), for which here's a list of the featured series.
  • 10x Star Wars: The last jedi
  • 2x Daniel Radcliffe
  • 2x Andrew Garfield
  • 2x BBC's Sherlock
I never imagined I could make so many renders, but I found two amazing graphic editors - Serif's Affinity Photo and OS X-only Pixelmator - that made removing background from images super-easy. I'm definitely gonna purchase a license both - or all three, since I want both Affinity for Windows and Mac. xD

Have to go now, for it's dinner time and I need to help mum prepping it; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week-end. ♥

Posted on 01.25.2018 • 0 starlike figures

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