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New look and premades

Hello there everybody, how's going? ^.^
I hadn't planned to update Ast3rism so soon, but I was too eager to upload this layout to wait until I had more content...so without further ado, let me tell you more about it.

I ordered this design on the webstore of extremely talented Katie from Miintleaf.net last Christmas, as I fell in love with her work the moment I saw it; the premade took a while to be completed - because I ordered during the holidays - but Katie kept me constantly in the loop, sending me various draft and letting me change any element I wanted until I was truly happy with the final result....and man, am I. ♥♥
As for the technicalities, Ast3rism's version 9.0 is a div design called Genius at work featuring one of my two favorites actors (the other being Chris Hemsworth) these days, Dylan O'Brien; I love this purple, pink and sand-colored palette, it's stylish and very warm. Kudos to Katies for her amazing work. ♥♥♥

I didn't just updated with the new look, I also have actual additions...though a very meagre number: I managed to make 1 new div design featuring music star Katy Perry and - after a looong time - 1 new table design featuring actor and model Norman Reedus (which is actually Ast3rism's previous version); hope you like the new layouts, but let me know whatcha think in any case. n.n

Have to go now, for I wanna re-watch The Legend of Tarzan DVD - I love the movie, and Alexander Skarsgård is amazing in that movie...it has become one of my top favorite Tarzan movies (first being Disney's Tarzan).
See you on next entry, guys; take care and have a wonderful week. ♥

Posted on 01.14.2017 • 0 starlike figures

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