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About me

NAME :: Annalisa;
WEB-NAME :: Lucien;
BIRTH-DATE :: October 19th;
LOCATION :: Italy;
NETWORK :: The Artificial Network;
ANIME GFX :: Hakanai Designs;
BLOG :: Hikarimono.net;
YOUTUBE :: LucienSabre;
TOP HP SLASH :: Snape/Harry - Lucius/Harry - Fenrir/Harry - Lucius/Remus - Snape/Remus;
TOP SLASH PAIRS :: Rick Grimes/Daryl Dixon - Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski - Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski;
LIKES :: Slash, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, N.C.I.S., Internet, Fan fictions, Webdesign, Wolves, Dragons, Old castles and manors, Ghost stories, Myths and legends, Music, Movies, Watching TV;
DISLIKE :: Yaoi-Haters, Slash-Haters, Conceited snobs, Big bugs, Vipers, Summer season, Rainy days.

What can I say? I'm a lazy weirdo: I have a few quality friends, and I'm mostly a loner. I love spending time listening to music, reading mangas and fan fictions or watching anime and movies on TV; when I go out, it's simply to have dinner out or to go to cinema with my friends. I absolutely hate discos and night clubs and I rather much stay online, read manga or sleep; I'm currently unemployed, so I have lots of time for said things.
In any case, my mum thinks I'm odd and always threatens to send me to a psychologist 'cuz, in her opinion, I'm in urgent needof therapy because I read too much and too many mangas and spend too much time on the new...Whatever. She is just angry, because I've stopped being her puppet: she is happy only when I do what she likes to do, wanting me to enjoy it..even if I loathe it!! x_x Sadly, I've stopped that way of life in high school and sure as hell I ain't gonna revert back to it!! o_O But in any case I don't want to rant against my mum, because I love her very much, no matter our different points of view.
That thing of the psychologist was to have you understand my contorted mind: I love my friends, but my happiest moments are when I have fun alone in my room; I love to have dinner out, but I enjoy much more to go to cinema by myself; I love music and TV shows, but best if I can enjoy them alone...I could keep this up endlessly. I'm also a little shy (though working has helped me, in primary school I was a true cry-baby), and to hide it I end up acting aggressive and rude, so it's hard for me making new friends.

Pure weirdness unleashed