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Story behind the site

Asterism (which in astronomy is a starlike figure similar to a constellation) is my place for non-anime designs, twin site to my animanga graphics site Hakanai, opened because I wanted to completely separate my animanga and non-anime resources; Asterism was a name I had saved for future projects...and now I had a site where to use it.
Ast3rism was officially opened on September 30th, 2014 and was hosted for more than a year on my WebHostingBuzz account; when WebHostingBuzz's package became too costly, I moved the site to MonsterMegs...where I plan to have it running for a very long time. ^.^

Webmaster :: Lucien. • My email
Domain :: Namecheap since 09.21.2014.
Hosting :: Namecheap since 01.07.2016.
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How everything came to be

Old gone stars

As said above, ordered from newest to oldest.

Asterism's previous layouts