The starlike figure faded

Hello there guys.
As mentioned in the intro, Ast3rism is no more; I decided to start fresh (after so many years, it was overdue) with a new name on a new host -- so head over to check the Falling Rose Designs or Rosefall for short. The site will open May 1st, so be sure to come to its opening day. ^.^

As (again) mentioned in the intro, Ast3rism is gonna stay open on a...indefinite hiatus, let's say. That means designs and graphics will still be visible and downloadable but there'll be no new ones added as well as no updates (which is why I removed the blogging script and turned the graphics categories pages into "static" ones) case I regret the new name and start and want to go back to Ast3rism -- because I'm fickle like that. LOL

Thank you again to anyone who visited, commented or simply peeked at the site during these years and above all to all my affiliates.
Have a wonderful week-end and see you on Rosefall.

sample graphics

Because I didn't know how to fill this page.