Lucien-Owner :: 10.18.2017 :: ip: logged
@ KRISTIN :: Thank you so much. <3 <3
I know exactly how you feel: I used to steadily update all my sites monthly, now I'm lucky if I can update every 2 if not 3 months; take all the time you need, I'm sure it'll be more than worth the wait. =)
Kristin :: 10.10.2017 :: ip: logged
Beautiful layout. I love the bright colors and she combined them all together without making them clash.
I was clicking around design sites (I actually do this all the time despite my personal site inactivity, ha) and realized your about says your birthday is on the 19th. I wanted to wish you a happy early birthday cause I will undoubtedly be busy. I hope all is well Lucien!
I plan to come back.. one day... ha. My plan was to convert everything to bootstrap and start pumping stuff out again buuuut, work is crazy, life got way crazy (a story I can't tell here, but a tragic one) and now I'm moving in the next month, so continuing the craziness. The move is actually gonna free me up quite a bit though. Can't wait to join you and all the others back in design land as soon as I can. Much <3
Michelle :: 09.07.2017 :: ip: logged
I go to her for my layouts <3 She is amazing!
Cristina Cocioabă :: 07.29.2017 :: ip: logged
Awwww. It looks amazing <3. I love how it looks with bold text and I never thought with using a blog navigation on the upper-side of the blog. I am proud of how you put a personal touch with it <3. Thank you for the amazing recommendation. I appreciate it and I am thankful for believing in me. Take care <3

Cristina //
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